Actual Progress Updates

Our first actual update post after… We’re not sure how long. Time flies when you’re obsessively writing.

Anyway, here’s how it’s going: Chapter 01 has undergone changes and given a small layer of polish. We have since asked the kind people who already have been beta reading for us to have a second look at it. Depending on the feedback given we’ll consider it ready for posting or take it back to the writing board for another round.

Progress at this point is as follows…

Chapter 01 is with beta readers at the moment.
Chapter 02 is being currently edited (and oh boy does it need some editing)
and Chapter 10 is being currently written.
Chapters 11-13 + Epilogue are outlined.

The hope is that we can simultaneously work on writing the last few chapters and edit the earlier chapters so we can start actually publishing them.

There is going to be a gap between episodes since we’ll only be able to start outlining episode two once we’re done with episode one (there’s only so much work we can get done even with our level of obsessiveness), but we have a few flashback chapters planned to fill that void.

Patreon is in the works for the entire series. We have a Ko-Fi page up at the moment (coffee in all shapes and forms is appreciated, you guys are seeing the amount of work we still have to do). We’re trying to get the hang of the whole Twitter thing (we’re not the best at it yet, but follow us anyway?) and updating the blog regularly.

We’re still not entirely sure what to post here while the stories aren’t up, but we’ll figure it out. Rest assured, this blog isn’t abandoned. We’re just trying to find a balance between it being completely desolate and cluttered with nonsense. We’ll get there.

All in all, things are progressing well and we are pleased. Perpetually exhausted, but pleased.

– The Crew

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