How Things Will Go Down

Hey, guys! Blackbird, here.

This is kind of a fourth-wall break of sorts; posting on this blog with my account, but I’m the one mostly behind Shadows Rise and I wanted to make this a more personal announcement.

The first Arc of the story, called Uprise, will begin on May 1st, as the countdown to your right would indicate. Chapter 01 is already scheduled for release on that date and Chapter 02 should be released on the 16th. If the Writing Gods allow, that should be our initial schedule; a new chapter on the 1st and 16th of every month. These may come in late here and there, but the important part is that we try to get two chapters out every month.

I did look up the best methods for getting Web Serials out and most advice posts I read online told me to get chapters posted as frequently as possible, but to be honest… I don’t want to just, pardon my language, poop these out. So I reckon that with me writing, Plotstains revising, a round of edits, betas going over it and then final edits before it comes out, we can put out actual quality content for you guys. We’re confident we can do all of that sticking to this schedule. Let’s see how we succeed.

At the moment I’m doing edits to chapter 02, revisions will be made to chapter 03 in the meantime, chapter 10 is being written and I should finish that while betas look at chapter 02. Ideally things will go smoothly this way.

Chapters will be up on Patreon as they are ready, regardless of what day of the month it is and will be released in other platforms; at this point just deviantArt, simultaneously.

That’s the plan. We hope to be able to stick to it without any issues.



2 thoughts on “How Things Will Go Down

    1. We hope to be able to deliver in a timely fashion, yes. Though we both have other responsibilities and both our beta readers are college students with their own workload. It’s a lot of variables to be nervous about. 😅



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