10 More Facts About Valcrest

Four days until Shadows Rise begins! Here’s 10 more spoiler-free facts about Valcrest. And if you missed yesterday’s post, you can click here.

1) Valcrest has been isolated for a long time

Despite residing in the center of  the continent, Valcrest’s relationship with its neighboring countries is virtually inexistent. From the inner conflicts plaguing it since its earliest days to the bizarre ways magic operates within its borders, most foreigners tend to avoid going into Valcrest unless strictly necessary.

2) City life isn’t the only option

Whether we’re talking about Blackpond or Newhaven, living in the Cities can be costly and difficult. For that reason many people choose to live outside of City-bounds as wanderers. There are also several factions one can hope to join, though they each have their own laws and customs to follow and generally won’t take in outsiders unless they’re able to pull their own weight and contribute.

3) Factions hold a lot of weight

Some of the more prominent Factions pre-date the creation of the Cities and are highly respected even within Newhaven and Blackpond societies. Even the Royal Family of either City, when in a territory ruled by one said faction, would be forced to abide by their rules.

4) Faction Leaders can marry people

Marriage rites conducted by the Leader of any established faction are legally binding anywhere in Valcrest.

5) Religion is extremely important

We could make a whole list of facts entirely about Valcrest religion; and in the upcoming days we likely will, but for now it suffices to say religion plays a huge part in all aspects of Valcrest society. How a person acts, thinks and how they view the world as a whole is usually dependent on which God they’re brought up to believe in.

6) Atheism is a strange concept to Valcrest

While atheists do exist in Valcrest, because of how gigantic of a part religion plays in people’s lives, atheism is almost unheard of. And the individuals who in fact don’t believe in any aspect of Valcrest religion are usually not open about it as to avoid being inconvenienced.

7) Besides that, religion is pretty relaxed.

You likely won’t see any Valcrestian heading to church every week and religious arguments are rare occurrences. One’s God of worship has far more bearing on their world views and personal values than on their daily rituals. In short: religion is something you live not something you practice in Valcrest.

8) The only easy part of life is death

No matter where you’re from or what you believe in, life in Valcrest can be extremely tough and it’s very likely that by the age of eighteen most people will have either seen someone die, killed someone, or both. Likely both.

9) You live, you learn.

There is no such thing as public schools in Valcrest. The majority of children are home schooled or otherwise taught basic literacy and other necessary skills by an elder. While private tutors do exist, not many can afford to pay a professional to teach their kids beyond what they’re able to teach themselves, but many professionals are more than willing to take in an apprentice in return for free labor.

10) And sometimes you don’t

Adult illiteracy can be fairly common as a result of this. Especially amongst orphans who chose to abandon City orphanages to fend for themselves.

And there you have it. That’s 20 whole facts and counting. Want to know more about Valcrest? Tune in tomorrow!

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See you all tomorrow!

– The Crew




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