A Note To Readers

We’ve been debating updates and Author’s Notes here from time to time so the blog isn’t so inactive in between chapters. Other than updates, we’re not sure what those posts will be moving forward, but we felt this was a fitting start.

We’ve heard it a few times now that reading web serials isn’t as worth it because you have no guarantee whether you’ll ever see the end of the story. The writer can get bored and quit, or worse go on some never-ending hiatus and leave you hopelessly waiting for closure. That’s technically true and, having had some rough couple of weeks now trying to get things done and stick to a schedule, we can understand why that is. However, don’t look at this as you being in some vulnerable position with us holding the story over your head. You’re the reason we’re here. We look at our numbers every day. Every view is another reason to keep going. Every like. Every comment. It matters.

YOU matter.

We’re doing this because we want to tell a story. And on our end we made a commitment to see it through one way or another, but the truth of the matter is… It’s pretty tough to put in so much work and dedication into something and not have it validated. It’s a huge gamble on our end too. It’s pretty damn scary. And in the end of the day, you guys are how we measure our worth.

The things we fantasize about when we talk about this series being super successful one day always had a lot more to do with having people looking forward to reading it than those sweet Patreon bucks. It has to do with how readers are gonna react when Shadows Rise reaches its climax. With people looking forward to Shadows of The Enlightened after that. It has to do with ways to engage readers and make them feel rewarded for sticking around with us. We know it’s gonna take us time to get there. We haven’t gotten many comments so far. We get about 30 views a chapter now across all platforms and that’s still really small, but… Small as that may be, at the same time, it already feels really huge.

So, if you’re following this blog already, know that whether you comment or not, we see you, we appreciate you. If you’re new; welcome, we hope you like what you see. We hope you’ll come back. We got a really long journey ahead of us with this series and… The more the merrier. 🙂

– The Crew


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