Author’s Notes 07/08/19

Hey-o, Blackbird here. I’m the main writer for Shadows Rise (Plotstains is being my dedicated editor; bless him, and will be contributing as a writer at some points later on as well). I decided that now and again I’m gonna write some updates here as myself in between chapters. Just to give my thoughts on some things.

First of, if you haven’t read up so far…


Second, we got out very first Patreon pledge today, which is very exciting! I was personally looking forward to updating the Hall of Awesome since we got started, just didn’t think it’d actually happen this soon. Maybe we can make enough soon to pay for a WP plan and get rid of ads. They’re annoying and we want them gone.

This person is actually a long time supporter of my writing endeavors and a friend of mine and my family. Which makes me feel kind of guilty that I haven’t been able to put out any Portuguese translations yet. I’m working on it, but as mentioned in several places; things have been busy. And if anything I can’t have Shadows Rise fall behind schedule.

But soon. Soon.

Chapter 1.06 is being edited and will actually get a Patreon early release this week. How early, we’re not sure, but it’ll be there. Chapter 1.11 is the one being currently written. It’s an interesting one. Can’t wait for you guys to see it. 🙂

We’re already five chapters in and we just now officially introduced the Wolf Hunters. If you read up so far and the main question on your mind is “wtf is the Wolfpack”, don’t worry, we’re gonna tell you everything you want to know about the Wolves and more moving forward.

Shadows Rise is a slow burn of a story, and the most ‘slice-of-life-y’ of the stories we have planned, but trust me. There’s a calculated motive behind that. And hopefully when things start to escalate that motive will become clear.

Without giving anything away, that’s the main reason why we thought this story; and the series in general, would lend itself well to the web serial format. It’s important that the reader gets to know these characters well enough throughout that some things won’t feel like they come out of nowhere later.

This first Arc will probably be the slowest, but in the grand scheme of things it’s probably also the most important one.

On an semi-related note. It’s really cold in Brazil right now. And my heater broke. Since it actually kinda caught fire when it broke I’ve been kinda on the fence about getting a new one… Long story short, it’s hard to type with cold stiff fingers. Just saying. Appreciate my sacrifice. >.>

Fingerless gloves might help. I should invest in those.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to suffer through it and I better get back to editing.

Later, guys. Thank for reading.



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