Author’s Notes 12/26/2019

Hey, guys! Blackbird here. I hope you had a great December 25th regardless of what you celebrate.

I wanted to post some Holiday wishes on the date itself, but I was up late with family on the 24th. That and not only have I come down sick yesterday, but the heat is just intense here in Brazil right now. It’s hard to function if I want to at the moment. It’s an effort worth making for you guys though, so here I am. 😉

I don’t know if I’ll be around on the 1st to give my retrospective on the year we had, so let me get it out of the way now as well. 2019 was a rocky year for many people in many aspects, that’s no less true for us. The world is in a complicated state right now, no one can really deny that, but Shadows Rise has definitely been a silver lining for us in 2019.

It’s difficult for me to even put into words how important this series is and has been to me personally. I was in a bad place when I opened the roleplay that started it all. I was terrible writing in English; atrocious compared to now, and I didn’t even know how to run a roleplay either. And now, nine years later, this feels like it became something greater. It’s bigger now than just a hobby, and I’m immeasurably happy about that. I hope that we can continue to grow a readership in 2020, that people will grow to love these characters and this world as much as we do, and that above all, we can entertain. Because that’s the main reason we wanted to make this story into a web serial.

We’re counting down the weeks until Arc 2 begins, with all the enthusiasm we can muster while either baking in the height of Brazilian summer or being buried under a pile of Canadian snow. And we have some Interlude chapters planned to release in the meantime. So stay tuned.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you all have a fantastic New Year.



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