The Plotstains Perspective 2.05

Hello, and welcome, again to another great (and late) issue of the Plotstains Perspective. Now, as always, if you haven’t read the latest chapter of Shadows Rise, go there now to avoid any spoilers. Today’s issue should be light on the spoilers. In fact, just allow me to whinge a for a couple hundred words about my laptop issues.

That’s right! In the middle of a pandemic, not long before my editing deadline, my laptop decided it was through with 2020 and died. Serendipity, however, granted me salvation. The day before, I was cleaning my room and found my old laptop. Out of boredom, I decided that I would open it up and see if I could find the reason it wouldn’t charge anymore (which was why I’d bought my newer laptop). With no laptop repair experience, I had my doubts that I’d figure the problem out. To my surprise, after an hour of tearing things apart, I discovered the problem. All I needed was a replacement part. 

I ordered this part on Amazon and when I woke up the next day, my current laptop was dead. 

This was disastrous. Living through a pandemic without a laptop to connect to the outside world presented for me some difficulties. I still had my phone, but living on the internet exclusively off my phone wasn’t fun. Not only did I just launch my new website, but I was also trying to discover ways to create a profit online while unemployed. But the worst thing of all, and the most relevant to this issue, was my inability to use a laptop to edit Shadows Rise. 

Let me tell you, if you ever need to edit a word document on Google Docs, the mobile app isn’t what you want to use. It could be worse, but it certainly isn’t good. Making suggestions on documents on the mobile app comes with problems. Half the time, glitches and other issues meant a one step process turned into three step processes. I had to keep a close eye on what I wrote because sometimes what I wrote would automatically change to something I hadn’t written. In some ways, it kept me on my toes, but if I ever have a choice, I will always go with editing from my laptop.

Finally, let’s just quickly talk about the chapter itself. Before Blackbird started writing, I told her that we needed something about the Wolf Hunters in this chapter. Since we don’t see what’s going on with the Hunters directly so far in this arc, as the reader’s advocate, I knew that we needed some incentive to keep reading about these Wolves. How about a trip to a town where they’re believed to be active? Blackbird already had this planned and I’ve got to say, I’m really happy about this.

Will we see some of the Wolf Hunters in this coming chapter? I’m not sure, but I’ll be excited to find out.

This was a short issue of The Plotstains Perspective. Most of it is because I’ve been waiting for my laptop repairs and I’ve forgotten a lot of the things I originally wanted to talk about while I waited. Another part is because I’m feeling a little lazy today. However, I think the next chapter of Shadows Rise will give us a lot to talk about. Blackbird isn’t allowing me to even read it until she’s finished writing (which is something she’s never done). I think there might be a surprise in store for me this coming chapter. If that’s true, I’ll definitely have something to make up for my lacking perspective this time around.

Until then,



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