Author’s Notes 08/01/2020

Hey, guys! Uhm, I’m not gonna beat around the bush here. Becaue if you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve already seen that our counter over on the right says that chapter 2.11 is coming out on August 16th, when it was was supposed to come out, well, in a few hours. This wasn’t a last minute delay like we’ve been having lately. This was a decision that Plotstains and I made almost immediately after finishing 2.10. So many things contributed to this; both on my part of things and his, that I could write pages about it, but… It all comes down to we needed a week off.

As much as we’ve been enjoying Shadows Rise; and we have, the way things have been has had an impact on our output. With every little delay we fell more and more out of rhythm compared to what we built up last year, we’ve been rushing through every chapter and while we still stand by these chapters, I’m not too proud to admit quality has suffered in all of this. We don’t have a lot of followers, but we still didn’t want to leave even a single person waiting for a chapter, so we pushed ourselves to get something out the best we were able. And 2.10 was particularly messy behind the scenes. I was treating allergies, so I was full of meds and so groggy that I was afraid the whole chapter was gonna end up being gibberish. Thankfully only part of it was.

Still, coming out of it we were both pretty tired. Things are a little less dire in Canada now, to the point Plotstains has the opportunity to go visit with friends and family, so… He’s gonna do that and I’ll have a less chaotic time of putting 2.11 together in the meantime. It was good timing too because I got some work sent my way and I can do that calmly and then come out of it, take a break, and then write. Like I’d been doing in Arc 1 just fine before life became chaos.

So I’m hoping we’ll both come back from this feeling a little more refreshed and the quality of our writing reflects that moving forward. In the meantime, I might stop by to give some thoughts on past chapters. There are a couple things Plotstains brought up in his previous Perspectives that I actually have some opinions on. So I might do that. 😛

Either way, we’ll be here on the 16th so release the next chapter as usual.

Have a great weekend, and stay safe, guys.



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