Valcrest Update [12/08/2020]

Good day everyone! As promised in the latest Plotstains Perspective, there were a couple of projects in the pipeline that we wanted to talk about. One of them is a special Plotstains Perspective that is still in the works, but the special perks for Patreon are now ready!

We’ve updated our map! 

Although not too dissimilar from the old map, it has a few new features added, which have us excited. Over the course of three hours and with the art skills acquired from my terrible experience in grade 9 art class, The Crew has come up with some fancy new emblems. Six locations have been given unique markers.

These photos are available for anyone to have a look (just follow this link to view the official page), but we are offering something extra special to our most generous Patrons. The lovely artist, Plotstains, will hand draw the map with the new symbols and a personalized message and mail it directly to your address. 

Please have a look at our Patreon if you are interested. Not only will you receive some great perks by donating, but it also helps The Shadows Crew focus more of their time on writing fantastic stories for you. 

-The Crew


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