Author’s Notes 10/03/2020

Hey, guys! Blackbird here. I know I usually let Plotstains write his editorial posts first, but considering how things went down with the making of this chapter I decided I’m not going to wait and just address this now. I also want to talk about what’s coming up next on Shadows Rise; mainly the end of Arc 02, Arc 03 coming up, and the Interludes in between. And last but not least, I wanna talk a little bit about 2.13. So if you don’t want to be spoiled, you can read it here. Or, I’ll let you know when to click away from this post if you don’t have the time to catch up right now.

So. *clap* Let’s talk about how damn flaky I’ve been, lol.

In all seriousness, it’s been a tough year all around. I had a tough couple months. I haven’t exactly made it a secret that depression’s been a thing. So, nothing new with that. It just hit me a little harder this time. I had about two weeks where I was lethargic enough that I was worried and called my doctor about it. He ordered a blood test because I have a thyroid condition that causes symptoms like that. I’m on medication for it, so it’s normally fine, but over the years I’ve had to adjust my medication a couple times. I thought this might be the case because I had a week or two of just being so lethargic I literally couldn’t stay awake.

But nope. Blood tests came back fine. My doctor concluded it’s situational depression. I already had been depressed earlier in the year, but things happened lately that aggravated it a lot. I’m doing better right now, I’m working on trying to stay that way as much as possible and I’m gonna try my best to keep our schedule consistent, but under these circumstances, I can’t promise that. I’m a flawed human being and this messed up world isn’t doing anyone any favors right now.

Moving on from my excuses, though… Arc 02 is reaching its conclusion. If no more delays happen, the Epilogue should come up on November 1st. I’m not going to lie… I’m hyped for Arc 03. We’re done with the introductions at this point, I feel that if you read Arcs 01 and 02 you should feel you know these characters well, which means that this is the point where you should brace yourselves a little bit. Just a lil’ bit. I’m also looking forward to writing the Hunters again. I really, truly miss those guys. The twins as well. As much as I love ‘the trio’ (someone referred to Lena, Dani and Sarah that way recently and I sorta adopted it, lol), Kyle and Seb have a really fun relationship to write. I’m excited about catching up with them next Arc, but also… Keeping up with the Wolves. Because starting from Arc 03 we’re gonna be switching back and forth. So you’ll still get to see Dani and Lena… And most importantly; Sarah. Everyone freaking loves Sarah. 😛

Much like we did between Arcs 01 and 02, we’re going to be posting a few Interludes before we get into Arc 03 as well. The first of which is already in the works now. Very looking forward to posting that one too. It’s got an interesting story behind the scenes, not to mention it in itself is a pretty interesting story.

Also, Halloween is a thing. We might do something for that. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

As I’m sure you guys can tell by now, despite literally everything else going on in the world, my enthusiasm for this series hasn’t gone anywhere. I’ve been actively wanting and trying to write 2.13 this entire time, I’ve just been incapable of focusing on it. 2.14 is already in the works now, hopefully it’ll run smoothly. And, as was the trend in Arc 01… Arc 02’s Epilogue will be a little taste of things to come in Arc 03 and I gotta say… I’d be interested to know if anyone has any predictions after reading it. It’s gonna be one hell of a teaser.

Alright guys, so, if you haven’t read 2.13 yet, now’s the time to go do it and come back, or just click away. If you’re leaving us here: Stay healthy, stay safe. I’ll see you next time.

If you’re staying with us, welcome to spoiler central. 😛

So. Lena and Dani’s relationship. Let’s talk about it a little bit.

My intention with this chapter was to, in a way, show a contrast in Dani’s attitude from 2.02 when she’s first introduced. In that chapter she’s hesitant, she’s complaining, she’s allowing a situation to play out rather than take it into her own hands. In that chapter Lena asks her why she thinks their mother decided to assign Lena as her Instructor. Later in that chapter she answered her own question.

My initial take on this chapter was a more traditional “student overcomes teacher” type of scene. A show of skill on Dani’s part, but when I started writing Lena’s section I realized… Dani’s level of skill wasn’t the issue that needed fixing in the first place. The scene I envisioned; even if I could write exactly the way I pictured it in my head, bears no weight on Dani’s character development. The question was never whether she can become a better fighter. The question has always been if she can bring herself to act when faced with a difficult situation and the possibility of failure.

Lena’s refusal to yield was the ultimate test of Dani’s resolve. She wasn’t necessarily the better fighter, she got the upper hand due to sheer circumstance, but she didn’t choke like Lena worried she might.

Bottom line: Dani’s not a baby no more. She’s ready to go out there and… Kill people, I guess. 😐

Anyway, lol.

That’s all I had to say about all of these for now. It’s the first time I give my thoughts on a chapter before Plotstains does, so I’m interested in what he’ll have to say this time. And his thoughts on Arc 02 being almost over because that’s exciting.

So if you stuck around so far, thanks for sticking around. Stay safe, stay healthy, I’ll see you guys on the 16th (for real!)


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