Arc 03’s Delay And Blog Updates

Hello! Blackbird here!

As you all may or not have noticed, Arc 03 of Shadows Rise didn’t release on February 1st as promised. This was due to unforeseen circumstances. Long story short, I’ve broken the middle finger of my left hand; my dominant hand, I’m a lefty. It’s been two weeks now, I have my finger on a splint. And while I am able to type, I can’t do it lot or for very long without my hand cramping. Which made it difficult to even make this post, which is why it took me this long to make.

I have at least two more weeks on a splint, maybe three. And that’s how long it will take for me to be able to resume writing. I was one paragraph in when this accident happened. Needless to say, it’s gonna be a while and I deeply apologize for that delay. I’m very excited about Arc 03 and can’t wait to continue the story. I’m just unfortunately not able to right now.

At least I can comically give people the finger by accident all the time now. That’s fun. lol

In other news… We upgraded our WordPress, with the help of Patreon, and now there are no ads on the blog at all. None. How fucking cool is that. We’re also going to eventually get a custom domain. Because we can now. Hell yeah.

And last but not least, one thing I’m gonna be able to do is slowly edit down our character bios (removing the spoilery stuff) so I can publish them on the blog. They’ll be listed under Shadows Rise > Characters on the blog menu and will be updated as more information is revealed about characters in-story. Gabrielle’s is already out, so click here if you’d like to check it out. These will also be released earlier on Patreon, so if you’re interested in seeing that, and some of the other extra little Patreon exclusive things we have in there, $1 is the minimum donation tier and it’s enough to grant you access to the Patreon feed and our Discord server. It’s a pretty good deal, so check it out maybe.

I already wrote a bit more into this post than I should, so, I’m gonna cut it short, but… I appreciate your readership and your patience. Stay safe wherever you are. And I hope to be back soon.



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