Hey there, peeps.

As you can all see, it’s not January.

In my previous post, when I announced the hiatus, I said I wasn’t sure if two months would be enough time to process the loss I was going through. It wasn’t. It still isn’t, but right now I think I’m a much better mindset to start actively working on Shadows Rise again.

3.22 is already live on our Patreon and scheduled to post on the blog and Royal Road on March 1st. Posting will resume slowly and on an irregular schedule, but they will resume starting next month. I still have a lot going on, both internally and regarding legalities and financial hurdles resulting from my mother’s passing. So I can’t promise punctuality yet, but I can promise I am ready to work on this serial again. This upcoming chapter was a lot of fun to write, especially the parts Plotstains and I collaborated on, and I can’t wait for you all to read.

Thank you all for your patience and for sticking with us through the mess. And here’s to, hopefully, a more uneventful year.



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