About The Crew

Hi. We’re The Shadows Crew. An international writing duo who came together in a roleplay forum in 2010 and has been obsessively creating things ever since. The Crew members are:


  • Brazilian
  • OG Game Master
  • Writes things
  • Pulls convoluted plot outlines out of thin air while getting a drink of water like it’s nobody’s damn business.
  • Revels in the emotional torture of fictional characters
  • Is both unmerciful Goddess and disappointed mother to the little idiots. Maybe they could have been happy, if only they listened.
  • Acts as main writer and the bane of any editor’s existence on Shadows Rise.
  • Not an actual bird.


  • Canadian
  • OG Co-GM
  • Writes things
  • Official map maker
  • Does the maths
  • Evil mastermind
  • Acts as editor, snow expert and chess consultant for Shadows Rise
  • Does about a dozen other jobs behind the scenes for absolutely no pay. The poor, dedicated fool. 😛