The Battle of Heart and Mind 3.04

<< Previous | First | Next >> [Valcrest Forest | Spiritus 9th, 2526 | Early Evening] Theron always considered manual labor a good distraction from unwelcome thoughts. His deforestation, as Sebastian called it, yielded a decent amount of firewood to keep the forge running and the towers warm. Once Gerald learned of the mess they’d made on their first outing, … More The Battle of Heart and Mind 3.04

Interlude 04: Awakening

<< Previous | First | Next  >> [Valcrest Plains | Helios 3rd, 2519 | Midday] “Your mother told me she plans to move you to more isolated accommodations soon. Is that so?” Lena hummed agreement, eyes wandering across the flower-infested fields rather than focusing on the Healer. The sun was at its highest point and the cacophony of colors did nothing … More Interlude 04: Awakening

The Heart of The Forest – Epilogue

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Newhaven |Tempus 20th, 2525 | Early Afternoon] In the earliest days of Valcrest, when the Gods still walked the Mortal Realm, one of War’s Generals asked the Twin for his thoughts on forgiveness. War’s answer was simple: “Destroy your enemies, then forgive yourself.” Unfortunately, no answers are simple in the minds of mortals, and … More The Heart of The Forest – Epilogue