The Heart of The Forest – Epilogue

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Newhaven |Tempus 20th, 2525 | Early Afternoon] In the earliest days of Valcrest, when the Gods still walked the Mortal Realm, one of War’s Generals asked the Twin for his thoughts on forgiveness. War’s answer was simple: “Destroy your enemies, then forgive yourself.” Unfortunately, no answers are simple in the minds of mortals, and … More The Heart of The Forest – Epilogue

The Heart of The Forest 2.13

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Wolves Camp | Otium 7th, 2525 |Before Sunrise] The pleasant sweet-scented breezes—a constant over the past few months—abruptly gave way to a dense, humid stillness overnight. With every step towards the training grounds, Lena’s breaths weighed heavier on her lungs. The sun wouldn’t rise for a couple hours still, but unease drew her out … More The Heart of The Forest 2.13

2.06 Coming Tomorrow

Apologies. We unfortunately won’t be able to post chapter 2.06 tonight due to multiple aggravating circumstances. The chapter is finished, however still unedited, and we would rather deliver our best one day late than meet a deadline at the expense of quality. We hope you are all well. Stay safe. – The Crew

Cover Reveal!

Thanks to Violeaf-MnF from deviantArt, we were able to acquire some nice cover art for Shadows Rise. Check it out: And if at this point you’ve been asking yourselves what the deal is with all the daggers and roses on our designs… Well, you guys will find out eventually. 🙂

Uprise 1.04

<< Previous |First|  Next  >> [Abandoned Outpost | Lacus 27th | Sundown] The air became exponentially colder as night began to fall. Insulation in the Western tower wasn’t the best, and the small fireplace Gerald had built the previous year generated barely enough heat to ease the chill of winter. The man had settled down in a chair near … More Uprise 1.04