Hey there, peeps. As you can all see, it’s not January. In my previous post, when I announced the hiatus, I said I wasn’t sure if two months would be enough time to process the loss I was going through. It wasn’t. It still isn’t, but right now I think I’m a much better mindset … More Update!

The Battle of Heart and Mind 3.19

<< Previous | First | Next >>  [Wolves Camp | Aurelium 21st, 2526 | Midmorning] Hey, Kiddo. The letter arrived several weeks ago and those two words were all Dani could bring herself to read. Lena’s handwriting was always flawless. Research notes, reports, hastily scrawled notes slipped under her little sisters’ bedroom door; it didn’t matter the purpose. Lena’s words … More The Battle of Heart and Mind 3.19