Interlude 04: Awakening

<< Previous | First | Next  >> [Valcrest Plains | Helios 3rd, 2519 | Midday] “Your mother told me she plans to move you to more isolated accommodations soon. Is that so?” Lena hummed agreement, eyes wandering across the flower-infested fields rather than focusing on the Healer. The sun was at its highest point and the cacophony of colors did nothing … More Interlude 04: Awakening

Author’s Notes: 10 Years of Valcrest And The End of Arc 02

Hey, guys! Blackbird here! It’s November 27th. And if you haven’t been with us long enough to know what that means, let me tell you: It’s Valcrest’s birthday! November 27th 2010 was the date the first ever post was made in Shadows of The Enlightened, which was the original RP that started this whole entire … More Author’s Notes: 10 Years of Valcrest And The End of Arc 02

The Heart of The Forest – Epilogue

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Newhaven |Tempus 20th, 2525 | Early Afternoon] In the earliest days of Valcrest, when the Gods still walked the Mortal Realm, one of War’s Generals asked the Twin for his thoughts on forgiveness. War’s answer was simple: “Destroy your enemies, then forgive yourself.” Unfortunately, no answers are simple in the minds of mortals, and … More The Heart of The Forest – Epilogue

The Heart of The Forest 2.13

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Wolves Camp | Otium 7th, 2525 |Before Sunrise] The pleasant sweet-scented breezes—a constant over the past few months—abruptly gave way to a dense, humid stillness overnight. With every step towards the training grounds, Lena’s breaths weighed heavier on her lungs. The sun wouldn’t rise for a couple hours still, but unease drew her out … More The Heart of The Forest 2.13