Gabrielle Porter

General Information

Full Name: Gabrielle Porter

Nicknames/Aliases: Gabe (by Johanna), prefers to be addressed as either ‘Gabrielle’ or ‘Porter’.

Birth Date: Duellum 19th, 2495

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Oakstone Village, Valcrest

Affiliation: Wolf Hunters

Rank/Specialty: Leader

Important Associates: Gerald Tucker, Johanna, Kyle Rivers, Sebastian Rivers, Theron Lockwood

Known Family: Currently unnamed adoptive parents (presumed deceased), currently unnamed brothers (presumed deceased)

Main Theme: Demon Hunter – I Am a Stone



Overall: Gabrielle is an impressive figure. Taller than the average woman, muscles toned from years of intensive combat training combined with working a forge, stern features with a straight nose, thick straight eyebrows framing hooded almond shaped eyes and a strong jawline. She has long straight black hair—not the most practical by her own admission—and her eyes are a dark grey color, considered unusual even within Valcrest, which tends to draw some unwanted attention. Her very demeanor makes her appear even taller and more imposing than she actually is. It’s rare for her to openly display emotions. In the rare moments when she allows herself to relax and let her guard down, it reflects on her appearance, and it becomes noticeable that despite her height and physical fitness, she’s not as menacing as one may be led to believe.

Scars/Tattoos/Birthmarks: Unknown

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Clothes: Gabrielle favors practical clothing, colored in black and grey as well as the dark greens and browns fitting for blending in with the forest. Her usual attire consists of light cloth pants, long sleeved shirts or tunics covered by light leather armor and several weapon sheaths, all of which concealed by a long leather coat. A wide brimmed leather hat serves the purpose of casting shadows across her face, particularly concealing the unusual color of her eyes. She will also often wear a scarf over her mouth and nose, further masking her facial features. Her boots are heavy and as sturdy as possible, since she makes it a point to walk wherever she needs.

Very rarely she might dress more casually around the Hunters’ base, but usually she’d remain in armor at all times, except when working the forge.

Main Weapon: Gabrielle’s main weapon is a military crossbow modified with an ‘automatic’ reloading mechanism in which a magazine holding up to fifteen bolts is attached to the weapon and pushes another bolt into place every time the cocking mechanism is activated. 

Other Weapons: Other than her crossbow, Gabrielle carries twin short swords and an assortment of knives all of which she forged herself.

Personal Items: The only items Gabrielle carries for sentimental reasons are her harp and her leather hat; which used to belong to her older brother.

Skills and Talents

Enlightenment: None

Other Skills: Smithing, hand to hand combat, short blade mastery, crossbow mastery, tracking, stealth, leadership, and strategy.


General:  Gabrielle’s true emotions are usually very well concealed. Despite not denying that she has emotions, she strives to not make a display of them, or allow them to cloud her judgment where important decisions need to be made. This has a great impact on her sense of morality and ethics, making her unlikely to yield to emotional pleas from potential enemies, but also keeping her from turning cruel to the point of denying them a merciful death. This way of thinking, in fact, has slowly ingrained within Gabrielle a sense of respect for the Wolves to the point where she will concede that they are not monsters, but human beings, and that over the course of her run as a Hunter she has ‘slaughtered some innocents’. She admits that she’s not a good person due to some of the things she’s done and her decision to pursue a path of revenge, but accepts this as her own personal truth. She is who she is and her path in life is the one she chose; striving for anything else would be, to her understanding, pursuing a lie.

Despite being outwardly strict, Gabrielle is very capable of, if not prone to, minor acts of kindness towards strangers; particularly children. She will also often go out of her way to help, provide advice, or even attempt to comfort her friends should they need it. Likewise, it’s possible to occasionally catch a glimpse of a smile and a very-well-concealed playfulness in her interactions with the other Hunters.

Relationships: Gabrielle acts as an older sister to both Gerald and Johanna, and almost borders on a strict parent when dealing with the younger members of the Wolf Hunters. Despite having a stronger emotional bond with Johanna out of everyone in the group and allowing her to get away with more emotionally driven interactions, Gabrielle often defers to Gerald for advice due to his more perceptive nature and brutal honesty, finding it easier to share her emotional state with him without having to openly admit to anything. She also took a personal interest in helping both Kyle and Theron deal with their anger, claiming that while hatred can fuel one’s purpose it could also inevitably lead them on a path of self-destruction. Out of the younger members, Sebastian tends to be the one she has the most difficulty understanding. Their interactions mostly consist of him trying to prod into her past and her toying with his curiosity by giving cryptic responses. Despite this, she also shows a great deal of patience and understanding when he shows signs of inner conflict, often stressing that he is the only one responsible for whatever decisions might later weigh on his conscience.

Phobias: No known phobias

Likes: Sweets (preferably toasted honeyed nuts, or shortcakes), music, quiet and solitude.

Dislikes: Rude language (from children :P), emotional outbursts, when Jo sits on her desk despite there being perfectly good chairs right there.

Odd Behaviors and Habits: Gabrielle has the noticeable habit of tipping her chair back when sitting with the others at the kitchen table or in her office. She will also regularly prop her feet up on the office desk. She’s prone to scolding the younger Hunters for swearing, although she doesn’t seem to have a problem with Gerald or Johanna doing so.


 To be revealed

Other Info

  • Gabrielle kept the rings of every Wolf she killed, leaving their bodies behind for burial, but taking away the one thing that symbolizes their bond with the rest of the clan. She admits she does this because it ‘hurts them more than death’ and is the one act of cruelty she will allow herself to indulge in.
  • She held on to a harp her father crafted for her as a gift on her 12th birthday. She often plays at night when she’s unable to sleep. She’s a surprisingly good musician.
  • Gabrielle holds no belief in the Twins and admits she takes comfort in the idea that in the end there is ‘nothing’.