General Information

Full Name: Johanna (she no longer uses her last name)

Nicknames/Aliases: Goes by ‘Jo’

Age: 25 (Birth Date: Lunaris 7th, 2500)

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: City of Blackpond, Valcrest

Affiliation: Wolf Hunters

Rank/Specialty: Stealth, Blade Mastery

Important Associates: Gerald Tucker, Gabrielle Porter, Sebastian Rivers, Kyle Rivers, Theron Lockwood

Known Family: Unnamed brother

Main Theme: Digital Daggers – Razor’s Edge



Overall: Johanna is built for stealth; slender, agile, and quick on her feet. Despite being of average height: standing at 1.67m, she comes across a lot smaller than she is, even more so while standing next to her taller companions. She has delicate features, oval shaped face, small nose and warm brown eyes framed by thin eyebrows. Her hair is straight, dark brown, usually long to her mid-back, but sometimes cut short to just a bit past her shoulders. She usually wears it untied and tucked behind her ears, although it will sometimes come loose and curtain over her face. She ties it in a ponytail for hunting or sparring and will very rarely braid it. Her facial expression is usually one of polite curiosity; especially when observing either her companions or strangers, and is not very telling of what is going through her mind, but when needed, Jo is very capable of getting her emotions across in her expression, even if in just one look.

Scars/Tattoos/Birthmarks: Jo has several scars. She doesn’t like talking about it and makes it a point to always hide them.

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Clothes: Jo likes simple dresses and loose pants and tunics on a day to day basis, favoring sturdier fabrics and more fitting clothing for sparring or participating in hunts. She dislikes the hindrance posed by heavy armor,  and favors malleable leather over sturdier-yet-stiffer materials. She also favors lighter boots when travelling, though it’s not uncommon to see her walking around barefoot around the Hunters home base if the weather is pleasant enough. A hooded cowl conceals her face when hunting, but she refuses cloaks, scarves, or anything that may get snagged somewhere, or tugged by an opponent. Soft fabric wrappings or light leather bracers covering her forearms are a near-permanent fixture. 

Main Weapon: Short sword

Other Weapons: Johanna is fond of blades and will carry small knives for slashing or throwing.

Personal Items: She wears two engagement rings in a chain around her neck, and has two worn swords that she leaves mounted on the wall of the Hunters’ base, unused.

Skills and Talents

Enlightenment: Sound nullification.

Other Skills: Blade mastery, stealth, agility/speed, climbing and overall athletics, cooking and overall domestic work, gardening, novice medical abilities.


General: Johanna’s personality is not entirely on display all the time. She’s usually amiable and curious towards new acquaintances, often lingering around them and quietly observing until they take the initiative to speak. She speaks scarcely and when she does, it’s usually in short sentences and in a softer tone of voice than the average person. She doesn’t usually offer personal opinions unless she’s confident in them or trusts that the other person is open to her input. Overall, she will be warm while simultaneously keeping people at arm’s length. She will generally treat them as though they are good unless proven otherwise, but she doesn’t easily trust or open up to anyone and thus won’t let much of her real self show initially.

When she feels comfortable enough to be herself, Jo is far more more outgoing: openly affectionate to those she cares about, slightly volatile and moody at times, and overwhelmingly stubborn in some aspects. She also displays a far more cunning and occasionally manipulative side to her personality, especially when she wants something out of her companions. She’s not openly violent if she can help it, but amongst the Hunters she is without a doubt the most deadly. She believes that Death is a natural process like any other and holds no level of remorse for inflicting it quickly and without pain.

Relationships: Johanna holds a great deal of respect and admiration for Gabrielle, and the woman is the only one capable of getting through her temper sometimes.

Gerald, on the other hand, seems to always be the first in the line of fire when Jo’s moods aren’t the best. While their relationship is undeniably close, it is also extremely volatile for that reason. Jo seems to take everything Gerald says to heart a lot more than the others and the man’s blunt nature is prone to cause falling outs between the two on a semi-regular basis.

Jo is extremely fond of the twins and has almost infinite patience when they’re involved. Even her harsh treatment of Sebastian during their training rarely extends past their sparring sessions.

Phobias: She dislikes bats. Other than that, she’s known to be a little too fearless for anyone’s sake.

Likes: Chocolate, muffins, cookies, flowers, animals, blades of all kinds, riddles and puns, music, peace and quiet, hugs.

Dislikes: Too much noise, being the center of attention, when people try to speak over her, smoking, alcohol, having nothing to do.

Odd Behaviors and Habits: Jo has several habits that most people would consider odd, though her companions have grown accustomed to. More notably, she speaks very little and very quietly. She also tends to lurk and sneak up on people, perch on branches or ledges, and sit on places not meant for sitting. Gerald will often times compare her behavior to that of a stray cat; much to her annoyance.


Johanna doesn’t like to talk about her past and what little she revealed to some of her companions has been in incomplete mumbles. What is known so far is that she was born in Blackpond, moved to Newhaven at a young age, was orphaned and separated from her brother around that time, and ended up joining a gang with whom she parted ways in unfriendly terms.

At some point after that, she met a young man she would fall in love with and become engaged to. Her fiancée’s brother was a skilled swordsman and Jo convinced him to train her so that she could hunt down her former gang. While he was reluctant to comply, her brother-in-law to be acknowledged the fact she was determined to go through with her act of vengeance with or without his help. He agreed to train her as long as she promised to let the killing end once she’d achieved her goal. An offhand remark to Gerald that her old gang is ‘gone now’ confirms that she was successful. However, a brutal encounter with the Wolfpack would make it impossible for her to keep her promise.

Other Info

  • While Jo is the emotional core of the group, and the most empathetic of the three Hunters, she also has the greyest moral compass and highest disregard for rules and morals due to her criminal past.
  • She can be extremely passive aggressive when angered and has on multiple occasions expressed her displeasure with someone (usually Gerald) in the form of dangerous ‘pranks’.
  • She wants a pet, but is yet to convince Gabrielle to allow one in their base.
  • If she wants or needs hugs, she will take them.
  • If she decides someone else needs hugs… That person will take them.
  • She is the only person allowed to address Gabrielle with a nickname. Presumably because she decided she’s allowed.