The Plotstains Perspective

Hello, and welcome to The Plotstains Perspective. An interactive experience between fans and the editor of Shadows Rise. Click here to check out the latest issue of The Plotstains Perspective.

What is The Plotstains Perspective?

Plotstains will go into a deep dive, chapter by chapter, giving readers a perspective into the exclusive conversation between Shadow Rise’s author and its editor. Through this series, you will learn about discussions we’ve had while editing. What is changing and where nothing needed changing at all. He’ll discuss his anticipation for the next chapter and try to predict what will happen next. You will discover what characters Plotstains likes and who he doesn’t like so much and get some perspective into all the ‘who’s, what’s, and why’s” that you could imagine. But don’t worry, there’ll be NO SPOILERS about future content. Plotstains may know the larger beats of the story, but the smaller details are just as much of a mystery as they are to all of you.

So tune one week after the latest chapter of Shadows Rise has been released and we’ll have for you the latest installment of The Plotstains Perspective.

Who the heck is Plotstains?

Plotstains is one half of The Shadows Crew, Blackbird’s authorial soulmate, and the man behind many of the ideas that have been seen and have yet to be seen in Valcrest. He has been writing with Blackbird since November 2010 and have had innumerable conversations about the workings of our delightfully dangerous written world. While he will be writing his own sections of the stories in The Shadows Series, he is primarily the editor for Shadows Rise.

Where can I read The Plotstains Perspective?

I presume if you’ve made it this far, you’re interested. So here are all the relevant links you’ll need to enjoy The Plotstains Perspective.

First, you’ll need to catch up on all the story. There are no future spoilers in The Plotstains Perspective, but you will spoil things for yourself if you don’t first catch up to where the rest of us are. Now go! Read, and enjoy!

Shadows Rise

If you’re all caught up, you can click below to find a link to every episode of The Plotstains Perspective to date.

—The Crew