Hey there, peeps. As you can all see, it’s not January. In my previous post, when I announced the hiatus, I said I wasn’t sure if two months would be enough time to process the loss I was going through. It wasn’t. It still isn’t, but right now I think I’m a much better mindset … More Update!

Cover Reveal!

Thanks to Violeaf-MnF from deviantArt, we were able to acquire some nice cover art for Shadows Rise. Check it out: And if at this point you’ve been asking yourselves what the deal is with all the daggers and roses on our designs… Well, you guys will find out eventually. 🙂

New Look!

With less than a week before we begin our journey into Valcrest, we’ve decided that we were due for a makeover. We’ve finally upped our image game and hopefully we can match it with our writing. Only six more days until we see if that’s true! A huge thanks to GreenViggen on Deviant Art for … More New Look!

Happy Birthday Valcrest!

Hey, guys! 🙂 It’s been seven years today since the first post was made in Shadows of The Enlightened, thus marking the beginning of our never-ending journey of collaborative writing and obsessive worldbuilding. To mark this occasion, since I actually remembered it this year, I got off my butt and whipped up a Valcrest-themed personality … More Happy Birthday Valcrest!