Uprise – Epilogue

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [The Heart of The Forest | Duellum 14th | Sunrise] Eldric watched the first rays of sunlight infiltrate the wooden cabin. That he was seeing the light of another day at all came down to dumb luck. The other members of his crew were older; experienced. The only reason he’d been sent out was … More Uprise – Epilogue

Uprise 1.14

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Safe House | Duellum 19th | Late Evening] “What do you mean, I lose? I thought I had a good hand.” “You would have a great hand if you used a Knight card.” “Wait, I thought you said a Wolf card can take the place of a Knight?” “You’re not paying attention. You can’t … More Uprise 1.14

Uprise 1.13

<< Previous |First| Next  >> “Tell me about mom.” It was late. Katherine, occupied tidying up the kitchen, hadn’t heard Sebastian come in and, at the sound of his voice, barely contained a curse under her breath. “Seb… What are you doing out of bed?” “I think I’m old enough to handle staying up late.” Kat drew in a … More Uprise 1.13

Uprise 1.12

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Valcrest Forest | Pyros 18th | Midmorning] It would be a quiet, peaceful morning in the forest, if not for the click of a trigger followed by the growls of a frustrated thirteen-year-old. It had happened so frequently over the past three weeks that Kyle’s angry groans and disgruntled curses had almost become a … More Uprise 1.12

Uprise 1.11

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Valcrest Forest | Helios 2nd | Late Afternoon] Sebastian ducked behind the trunk of a tree. His whole body shuddered as he struggled to control his breathing. With each frantic beat of his heart, listening to his surroundings became increasingly challenging. His right hand was tight on the hilt of his sword. Peering from … More Uprise 1.11

Uprise 1.10

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Abandoned Outpost | Otium 15th | Early morning] “We’ve been going over this for days. One way or another, you need to make a decision,” Gabrielle stated, looking over the crenelated wall atop the Western tower. The sky was clear and tinged in a cold, pale lavender where sunlight hadn’t yet touched. “I promised.” … More Uprise 1.10

Uprise 1.09

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [White Shadows Encampment | Lithius 21st | Early morning] Gabrielle inhaled deeply. Every step from her heavy boots brought forth the earthy scent of freshly trampled grass. Her steely gaze traveled the multitudes of white tents spreading across the vast fields; ornamented by broken stone walls and ruined buildings. What was once the great … More Uprise 1.09

Uprise 1.08

  << Previous |First| Next  >> [Abandoned Outpost | Lithius 12 | Morning] “Now I’ll concede that maybe Gerald is trying to kill us.” Kyle chuckled at his twin’s remark, both of them almost keeled over with the weight of lumber slung across their backs. With the arrival of a new season, the warmer weather, and the permanent addition … More Uprise 1.08