Uprise 1.07

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Abandoned Outpost | Lunaris 24 | Nightfall] “I can’t take it anymore,” Kyle whined from under his covers, “Gerald is trying to kill us. I know he’s trying to kill us.” Sebastian rolled his eyes at his brother, thankful that the groans of the wooden bed frame were loud enough to mask his … More Uprise 1.07

Uprise 1.06

<< Previous |First| Next  >> [Abandoned Outpost | Lunaris 7th | Early Morning] Four days had passed since the meeting. To the twins, that time passed in a blur. Sebastian spent most of it in the office, raiding the bookshelves and trying not to be unnerved by Gabrielle when the woman was present. Kyle, on the other hand, had … More Uprise 1.06

Uprise 1.05

<< Previous |First|  Next  >> [Abandoned Outpost | Lunaris 2nd | Morning] Sebastian brought the axe down and observed the feeble dent it created upon the surface of a log. He frowned, repeating the action once, twice, and a third time before the wood finally split with a satisfying crack. Each strike formed a new layer of aches across … More Uprise 1.05

Uprise 1.04

<< Previous |First|  Next  >> [Abandoned Outpost | Lacus 27th | Sundown] The air became exponentially colder as night began to fall. Insulation in the Western tower wasn’t the best, and the small fireplace Gerald had built the previous year generated barely enough heat to ease the chill of winter. The man had settled down in a chair near … More Uprise 1.04

Uprise 1.03

<< Previous |First|  Next  >> [Valcrest Forest | Lacus 26th | A few hours past Midnight] The stranger threaded the narrow streets with the precision of a man who’d walked every path the city had to offer. What was just a casual stroll to him, felt like a frantic chase for his thirteen-year-old pursuer, who struggled to … More Uprise 1.03

Uprise 1.02

<< Previous |First|  Next  >> [City of Blackpond | Lacus 26th | A little past Midnight] Sebastian lay back against his pile of blankets. The rush of adrenaline that kept him on his toes earlier in the evening left his body with a soft exhale. Only a multitude of aches and a dull wave of exhaustion remained. … More Uprise 1.02

Uprise 1.01

[City of Blackpond | Lacus 25th, 2524 | 2 hours until Midnight] A razor-sharp wind crossed the torch-lit streets of Blackpond, extinguishing several flames in one fell swoop. The first weeks of winter always caused exasperation within the already-strained City Guard, now tasked with rekindling the street lights on top of their usual duties. It … More Uprise 1.01