10 (Behind The Scenes) Facts About Valcrest

Shadows Rise begins tomorrow. Are you excited? We’re sure as heck excited. We’ve been working so hard for so long on all of this. And it’s a really huge achievement for us just to have one chapter officially published somewhere. Every chapter is like its own achievement really. And to illustrate that feeling, today we’d like … More 10 (Behind The Scenes) Facts About Valcrest

Happy Birthday Valcrest!

Hey, guys! 🙂 It’s been seven years today since the first post was made in Shadows of The Enlightened, thus marking the beginning of our never-ending journey of collaborative writing and obsessive worldbuilding. To mark this occasion, since I actually remembered it this year, I got off my butt and whipped up a Valcrest-themed personality … More Happy Birthday Valcrest!