Valcrest Hall of Awesome

Those Who Walk Among Shadows

(AKA Our Patrons/Supporters)

Blackbird’s mom: Thanks, mom!

Trash King: $10 donation. ALL HAIL THE TRASH KING. You may check his excellent writings, on his website by clicking the link. It is amazing! We stan Solaris. She’s best girl, don’t come at us.

Haybails: $3 donation. Check out her excellent writings on her Ko-fi page, by clicking the link. She’s an amazing writer and you can pick up her books there on a PWYW basis starting at $0 (though we definitely suggest you be nice and donate a lil something for all her hard work!). We recommend! 🙂

Novagirl93: $3 donation. Check our her serials, Shadow and Ruinsaga!

Houston Hare: $1 donation. Check out his serial, Sprig!

Honorary Crew Members

Roleplay Gateway users Sibrand, Trickster, Seerow, Tyce, and Essence: For their contributions to the Shadows RP series and in shaping the face of Valcrest. Without them, there would be no Wolf Hunters, Black Knights, White Knights, whip jokes, monocles or wildly inappropriate urine-related incidents. Among many other wonderful things we shared. We may have parted ways over the years, but their legacy lives on forever. Much like a very sarcastic thank you note embedded deep into the walls of the Newhaven dungeons.

The entire RoleplayGateway community: was our home for many, many, years. We would never have found each other if not for that site and we wholeheartedly believe we wouldn’t have had the structure to create a world as massive as we have anywhere else on the internet. Those guys have an extraordinary love and dedication to all aspects of writing and are a tremendous asset to the online RP community as a whole.

Jay, Josey, Simon, Julie, and the entire Plotist staff and community: For keeping us organized and motivated during our planning phase. Also for magic wild turkeys. Because those are totally canon now.

Special Thanks To

The Original Fan Club: You know who you are. All you weirdos who decided to obsess over some silly roleplay on the internet. Sorry for all the heartache we clearly meant to inflict on you because we’re horrible people. Hope you’re ready for round two. We know we are. 😉


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